Sunday, March 9, 2014

Day 7

Domestic non-bliss.

Microwave still not working.

Thought I would do some washing, (machine in use)

Thought I would Hoover, but the vacuum cleaner choked up totally. Washed all the filters and waited for them to dry.

But the Art School building is beautifully deco.

Picked up at 10.30 and drove to Bungendore with Mark and Christine and Mark, lunch and heavy groceries shopping, thankfully. Only 10 more days and I am on to heavy lifting.

Mark almost finished his PhD, looking at climate change 4100 BC through plant samples in a certain bog location.

Washing, drying and Hoovering successfully accomplished in the afternoon and Dinner with the Bungendore travellers.

Another great day, (really).

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