Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Day 24

Reached half way.

Time for stocktaking and much soul searching.

Greg has moved my opening forward to Thursday 3rd April, "One day less...."

Black Firing booked for Tuesday. Tight.

Have a Vitrine aprox 1m square but only 270mm high.

Have decided to try and do a dummy run for my fictitious culture.

Went to the Classics Museum to research label style.

Kept coming back to this pot, Greek I think around 500BC. So simple and pure.

But this is 1000BC from Anatolia AND Black Fired

And there are some contemporary responses to Greek Attic Ware

Went to a local version of the WITCHES OF EASTWICK musical.

Great performances and costumes and an interesting idea for the set, being 6 periactoids.

But it let itself down technically. Very sloppy backstage crew, desperate to be visible and on stage. Pulled focus too many times.

And a problem common with AmDram productions - too many blackouts.

Clumsy set changes in blackouts were totally unnecessary.
Everything was on wheels and the orchestra was vamping in the dark, so it could easily have been choreographed and interesting.
The cast moved the periactoids in full view a couple of times, so the idea was there, poor direction spoiled an otherwise entertaining night.

Behind this, I think, is a well written show .

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  1. Love the Greek pot John - that's the one I want!! Now that we are in sydney, just down the road ...