Saturday, March 22, 2014

Day 20

Taking a day off to be domestic.

Washday at the Pa.

No Bush Rd washing line in the open air here. Dryers? No.

Flat has murals which look like 60's "creativity with clay" projects, but could have just as easily been made more recently.

Retro should be used advisedly as a stylistic option with clay.

Also there is an absence of storage in the flat  i.e. like no wardrobe, no drawers etc so everything gets left in a suitcase or hung in the air, like the set for a modernist ballet.

 "It isn't paradise, it isn't paradise, it isn't paradise, but it is home" (thanks A Chorus Line)
 and I am very happy here.

Watched a movie Warren Mackenzie made at St Ives in 1952 on a borrowed camera.

With no sound he later did a voice over. It is in 2 parts the original voice over and then a recent Skype interview over the same footage with the older Warren.

David Leach Throwing

Great insights into The Cult of Leach-ness.

Does anyone else see this blog? Just curious, not crucial, it is just an important record for me.

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