Friday, March 21, 2014

Day 19

I love the smell of sump oil in the morning.

The Beast down to 145 degrees.
First peep
Looks sooty to me
Definitely all covered in soot.

Very low morale.

This is the moment when I will finally be found out to be a genuine fake.

Plan B escape strategy. Room temperature glazes, car enamel, spray cans?

Have booked bisque kiln to get them back to normal bisque as before the sump oil.

Conveyed disappointment to Greg, who said it was normal and you had to wash them.

Klutz me.

A great success for my first go at Black Firing.
They have come out slightly iridescent silver/black and the grooves have different shading effects. Different to expectations, but new and exciting possibilities.
(Frank is not using his gas kiln anymore?)
Start stockpiling sump oil like MAD MAX II.

The biggest one cracked, but in retrospect one edge was very close to the burner, but it looks great on my wall.

"How the world can change, it can change like that, just with one little word....washing." thanks Kander and Ebb.

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  1. “…but the firebrand was decidedly underwhelmed to put it mildly” – the blog makes you an incen-diarist… I love the black and thought they looked as great unwashed as washed...