Thursday, March 13, 2014

Day 11

View from my kitchen, so you can see I am in the thick of it

David firing the soda kiln

Frustration of shared kilns.

Bisque kiln at 220 degrees C and glaze kiln at 175. But none can be opened until cold. (Tomorrow) So haiatus til then
The students would hemorrhage if they knew I cracked my kiln as soon as it got below 400.

The display space

Went and saw the area I am to have my exhibition/works in progress in.

It is upstairs above the entry foyer and relatively square. There are three wall areas and I can have a central plinth.

It is an active passing through area so should get much exposure.

A great space for a site specific installation

Greg suggested having an opening on Friday 4 April as it is the last day for the students before the Easter break.

So three weeks. YES.

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