Monday, March 17, 2014

Day 15

Went to the Art Gallery yesterday because it is closed on Tuesday but found The Ian Potter Museum at Melbourne University, which I really came to see, is closed Monday, curses, so it will be a Tuesday morning visit before heading to the airport for an afternoon flight to Canberra.

Good thing I look fast.

(I remember Italy was worse. It seemed that whatever day you managed to get to a town, was the day everything was closed.)

Resolve to do my homework re opening days/hours next time.

Ironically there is no direct train from Melbourne to Canberra. The train/bus option takes from 9-15 hours depending on the time you travel affecting waiting times. Flying costs only about half as much again and it is all over in an hour.

So a catch-up day up in Sassafras.


Lots to plan. I have a month left and I have to sort out the kiln situation, so that I can get dependable results. Guess I will have to book one just for my work rather than sharing.

I realise just how lucky I have been with my kiln controller temperature matching the cone bending. I now appreciate Charlie and Brendan telling me to fire by cone not temperature reading.

I have made a lot of work ready for the black firing. Will bisque the rest Wednesday hopefully.

The sigillata test started was not weighed and measured accurately, so will need to do it properly to be able to duplicate it.
Don't really want to do the actual Greek technique, because it requires being able to control reduction of the iron in the slip. I need an electric kiln black stain equivalent.

Tests, tests, tests...........................

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  1. A joy to have you visit! I see you are doing some delicious work in Canberra and I look forward to seeing the finished results!