Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Day 16

In Melbourne, the Ian Potter museum turned out to be a fizzer. Glad I had not stayed an extra day to spend there.

I had been led to believe that it held amazing collections from antiquity.

I asked and the staff asked around and did not know what I was talking about.

Three of the galleries were closed installing a big painting show.

But I read on their site that "The exhibition also includes objects from the University’s Classics and Archaeology Collection"

So maybe there is another collection of antiquity to see next time.


But in their only exhibition entitled THE PIRANESI EFFECT I did find some great original prints and bound books and also some Greek pots

But also part of the show was some familiar pieces,

Peter Robinson's polystyrene works.

Flew back effortlessly and packed my remaining raw work into the collective bisque.

BUT the reclaimed clay has not been the all encompassing success I hoped it would be. The multiple clays mix and the added grog should have made a very versatile body? Don't you think?

All the large conical rings cracked. Not a problem with my usual fine clay in my studio.

And I was so confident about what I was doing.

So I can fuck up too......

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