Thursday, March 27, 2014

Day 25

A third day of rain.

Programmed Kiln 13 (with more than a little help from Mahala) and did a slow bisque readying for the Black Firing Tuesday.

Finished turning everything and put stuff on the warm kiln to dry overnight.

Christine took me to an opening at Beaver Galleries.

I asked Susie Beaver about the possibility of seeing any of Vic Greenaway's black pots from the previous exhibition that I had not found out about in time and later she arranged for an assistant to show me.

They were very beautiful. Totally unglazed with all the vestiges of throwing apparent. He lives in Italy now. The clay is a special fine terracotta and they are smoked in a stainless steel saggar in an electric kiln with a particular non-resinous wood.

There is something timeless and primal as well as highly sophisticated about them. They were wonderful to hold and examine.

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