Sunday, March 23, 2014

Day 21

Had a Wagnerian Day.

Brunhilde's Raven(s)? My neighbour anyway.

Listened to The Solti DAS RHEINGOLD on my iPhone.

Not the same as it blaring out into the bush, but apart from the odd vocalizing or humming at crucial moments, none of the others have any idea what I am listening to.

Got through the whole piece uninterrupted over the morning.

Have been asked to do a Masterclass at Canberra Potters over 2 Sundays. Am the featured act for their AGM to lure members.

Had to make a few ideas to remember how to do them for the class.

Bisque amounting up, ready for the next phase of black testing.

Discovered all the recent Metropolitan Opera LePage Ring Cycle videos are all on YouTube.

Had a field day.

Not quite the BluRay quality I have at home, but when in Canberra....

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