Monday, April 14, 2014

Day 43

Yesterday did my talk at Canberra Potters.

Small room, but filled up after the AGM.

Blacking out the windows made all the difference. You could actually see the images properly and all the videos and audio worked perfectly.

Christine and Mark came to the talk and we then went to Strathnairn Homestead for lunch, where Sue Scobie has been on a residency and saw her conclusion exhibition.

I am a fan anyway but there were interesting new variations of rectangular rather than round openings.

Not entirely sure why but this body of work felt very Australian, whereas I always feel her work is evocative of the NZ landscape.

Maybe the colours of the clays? But also maybe the isolation of Strathnairn (populated it seemed with endless persistent hoards of flies). Even though it is only around 10 mins drive from ANU, it is on the very rural edge of town, like another outback world you cross over in a time warp.

I am sure that had some deep effect on her work.

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  1. Your stuff is fabulous. The colours are so vibrant. Are they like that in reality?
    Sue's stuff shrieks Australia. Yes it is the clay and the colours and the 'strata'. It's gorgeous.
    We're in Sydney and probably going to Canberra for the Inca Exhibition over Easter. Are you still there?