Friday, April 4, 2014

Day 33

A touch of the post-natals today.

It feels like Saturday and it should be but it is not.

In my mind the exhibition was always opening on Friday not Thursday, so I guess I was pre-programmed on auto pilot.

After the opening went with Greg and his son John to see CAPTAIN AMERICA : The Winter Soldier (not in 3D alas) but the foyer of the Electric Cinemas looked incredible like one of Rabbit's recycled timber sets. 

The two Sundays Masterclass for Canberra Potters has been called off.
Evidently they didn't have a single taker.

Must have put them off with this blurb

“Creating a new consistent body of work”
Sunday 6th and 13th April
Join John for 2 days of creative instruction and making

The Master Class will be over 2 consecutive Sundays 6 and 13 April, to allow for the normal most advantageous process of making and turning to occur.

The second day will follow the Canberra Potter’s AGM. John will present a PowerPoint talk for the Master Class and other interested members following the AGM.

He says: “I am interested in developing each participant’s personal best. At the end of the workshop we will present an exhibition of your individual ideas.

My strengths are in throwing and turning. I am a better turner than thrower. I do not draw or paint, but rather use the wheel as a decorative tool in its own right.

I am equally concerned with the presentation of work. My parallel career is as a theatre designer”.

Their loss. My 2 day's of freedom, well 1.5 days accounting for still having to talk at the AGM.

Spent most of the morning working on my PowerPoint for it. I have to be fantastic and organised to wow them and not have a repeat of Tuesday's near disaster.

I had carefully prepared one for the student talk last week. I had shown it to Greg and tested it right up til 30mins before the talk.

But then when I plugged my MacBook into the projector, nothing would work.

It is a situation I loathe in others i.e. incompetent AV management, but now it was my turn to squirm. Greg copied the .pptx file and opened it with Keynote and it worked fine apart from the embedded videos which in Microsoft have to be in an associated folder, which wasn't copied.

I still work with Mountain Lion because I was told to wait because my Vectorworks is not Maverick ready yet. (Must be soon.) Problem was finding an older version of Keynote.

But success later, I am a total convert. The programme automatically embeds the videos into the file. Yes.

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