Sunday, April 6, 2014

Day 35

Wash Day at the Pa again. Needed to catch up on essentials.

Was adventurous. Caught a no 939 bus on a "scenic tour "up to the Watson Arts Centre, home of the Canberra Potters, to see Jane Jermyn's last open studio day.

See her Facebook page

Strange to be there when I should have been teaching a Masterclass?

Really glad I wasn't because I have decided to have a 1T hard-drive installed in my laptop tomorrow. The 500G was always telling me it was full.

SO it has been backup heaven here. Tristan (yes) the technician says it will be a complete clone of my existing drive only bigger.

He says everything will come over, even the Fusion part which boots up as a PC for my accounting programme.

Scary because my GST is due in a few weeks and I haven't quite finished entering up my books.

Think I might just get a cheap small PC Laptop especially for my accounts, because every time Apple introduce a new operating system, you have to buy a new version of Fusion AND reload all the programmes. (Microsoft yes) So for using twice a year, for six monthly GST, a dedicated laptop makes sense.

Sorted out my week well sort of sorted.

As I left things before the last Black Firing.

Maintenance and Cosmetic Surgery needed for Resurrection.

Also want to glaze some cones and rings in blues and turquoises, to go with the ones I already have at home, for the exhibition the NZ Fuping Five are having at Kerrie Lowe Gallery in Newtown opening 3 May.

Tests with Australian materials- quite a bit different?

Have the pieces bisqued already. Waiting.

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