Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Day 37

"At last my arm is complete" as Sondheim was know to write.

Cloning the new hard drive seems to have worked, including the Virtual Machine part. Accounting programme works.

So much relief and another 535G to fill up. So I can put my iTunes back and not have to always plug in another hard drive to play anything.

Kiln went off at 10.15. Watched the 5 and 6 cones go down from 1185 to 1212 on pyrometer. Last time it went to 1223 for the same cone bend with a similar pack. That's kilns I guess?

Can't really do any more glazing til I get this firing out tomorrow, but will easily get another glaze on then.

An early morning visitor

And another one bearing gifts
Michael Keighery bringing Mao to the Mountain

Turned the cones I made yesterday with the last of the MFQ clay. They will dry on top of the kiln this afternoon and I can get a bisque on tonight with some of Cathy's pieces.

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