Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Day 38

The test for the breaking blue/turquoise was very disappointing and I blamed differing raw material sources

but I went for broke and glazed some whole pieces and it worked well even on the reclaimed groggy clay.

Surprised me. Shows how little you can actually tell from a small test other than how it melts.

You have to commit it to a real piece.

Interesting to put a single coloured piece amongst the Black Fired work

Also more alkaline chrome tests.  Some promising.

Went to see THE LEGO MOVIE in 3D with Michael Keighery and Jackie Lallemand.
Cool movie with believe it or not an engaging story. Not for 4 year olds as Franz thought. 

Great 3D, we were trying to work out if it was stop-motion models or CGI made to look like stop motion models. I particularly liked how the waves and ocean movement was treated in Lego blocks. 

Best line was the Batman builder character asking around if anyone had and spare black blocks. He said "I only ever build with black blocks, or sometimes a very dark grey." 

I guess you had to be there. 

"Middle Zealand" was a cute gag reference along with confusing Gandalf with Dumbledore and there is a lot of adult humour, like the TV Sit-com Where's my Pants and the bare-arse photocopying. And a bare Lego arse looks just like you would imagine a bare Lego arse to look like. Obvious. Clever.

Dinner at CBD Dumpling House. Excellent.

Started kiln #11 at 4.50pm. Need to get up at 4.30am to watch the cones bend. 

Lots of rings at stake in this firing.

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