Friday, April 11, 2014

Day 40

Up at 5.15 waiting to be picked up by Jackie to go to the sunrise experience in the James Turrell WITHIN WITHOUT (2010) sculpture.

Had seen it during the day with Christine and the two Marks, but inside the dome at 5.30 was a subtle light show with the black sky as a black dot.

Then your eyes began to play spacial tricks and the black dot appeared to be a 3D sphere floating out from a back-lit dome

I kept comparing what I was seeing to what my camera caught and they were totally different

Then as day broke the sphere became a cloudy planet

Entrance to the dome

 Entrance to the sculpture

 Breakfast at Jackie's new apartment and talked about renovations.

A perfect spiritual beginning to the day, which was slightly sad with a few good-byes.

Last lunch with the Archaeologists, Wal, Jean and Ian.

Didn't need to take my cut bowls home and as there were 6 and 6 in Greg's Masterclass so they drew numbers to draw one each.

Had pizza with them and talked about PhD and lunch conversation and was totally knocked out by Joan suddenly opening up about her past as an archaeologist and the problems of humanising artefacts by interpreting them with our values.

Greg dropped me out at Watson Art Centre for Jane's farewell and I discovered that the Thomastown Irish Potter's conference is before the IAC so I will be able to do both. YES.

Last firing turned on.

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