Saturday, April 12, 2014

Day 41

Up at 5 to watch the cones go down for the last time.

Then to the Farmer's Market with Christine and Mark

(not my photo)

Then to pick up packing boxes left from their move last week.

Playing the waiting game for the kiln to cool and worked more on my talk tomorrow around 11am  after the Canberra Potter's AGM. Going early to black out the room properly.

Using Keynote now after the PowerPoint ceasing to work debacle for my student talk. It is so much better, but doesn't handle adding audio in specific areas as well as PowerPoint did. Managed to work out how to use video soundtrack behind a still image by pasting the still image on top of the video. Obvious really, but it cunningly works.

Kiln is just outside the door to the ceramics flat.

So near yet so far.

"tomorrow, tomorrow and tomorrow......"

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